1. There is no cost to register but the team must be registered by May 20, 2022 to compete in the series.
  2. The team name MUST be consistent for all events.
  3. The team leader MUST appear on a team waiver in every event. If this is not the same as the team captain, you must notify the series prior to the event to ensure your points are applied.
  4. All individual tournament rules MUST be followed. All three events per have separate distinctive rules and regulations.
  5. Each registered team with automatically earn 10pts per event.
  6. Each registered team will receive 1 point per pound of fish weighed in each event rounded to the nearest whole pound. Any tournament total box penalties will be applied. (Total box weight of 32.78 pounds will earn 33 points; total box weight of 32.48 will earn 32 points.)
  7. Bonus points will be awarded for top ten finishes in each event. (1st= 10pts, 2nd= 9pts, 3rd= 8pts, 4th= 7pts, 5th= 6pts, 6th= 5pts, 7th= 4pts, 8th= 3pts, 9th= 2pts, 10th= 1pt)
  8. In the event of a tie, the highest finisher in any of the three events will take the higher place.

Optional $150 Calcutta paid to Codey Allen or Jim Steel must be paid no later than May 20, 2022 at midnight.

Updated 03/27/2022 — Rule #5 – Anyone who registers for the series will receive participation points for all 3 events. Participation in the event is NOT required.